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Contains tracking information for a shipment.

type TrackInfo {
trackingNumber: String!
lastEvent: TrackEvent
first: Int
after: String
last: Int
before: String
): TrackEventConnection
sender: ContactInfo
recipient: ContactInfo


TrackInfo.trackingNumber ● String! non-null scalar

The tracking number for the shipment.

TrackInfo.lastEvent ● TrackEvent object

Represents the most likely event that has occurred recently. This may differ from the last item in

For example, if there are any abnormal situations such as OUT_FOR_DELIVERY events being registered after the DELIVERED event in events, the lastEvent.status.code will still prioritize DELIVERED. ● TrackEventConnection object

A list of tracking events for the shipment.

The event sort order is from oldest to newest events.

Important: See also TrackInfo.lastEvent field. ● Int scalar

Relay-style Cursor Connection first argument. ● String scalar

Relay-style Cursor Connection after argument. ● Int scalar

Relay-style Cursor Connection last argument. ● String scalar

Relay-style Cursor Connection before argument.

TrackInfo.sender ● ContactInfo object

The sender's contact information.

TrackInfo.recipient ● ContactInfo object

The recipient's contact information.

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