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Request to add a carrier

If you're a carrier that Delivery Tracker doesn't currently support (such as a courier company), then you can request a new registration using the methods below.

We recommend [Request via API] (#api), and if API integration is not possible, we can accept [Request via Form] (#form).

Request via Form

You can request carrier support by submitting the form below.

Request via API (recommended)

You can request carrier support using the APIs below.

Query (GraphQL)
to see the response.

carrierName: Identifiable name of the carrier. Examples: carrier name and homepage URL, etc.

trackingNumber (Recommended): Sample TrackingNumber. Passing different TrackingNumbers will help you improve your service.

comment (Optional): Any additional comments you want to pass to the Delivery Tracker. You can include the current situation or an email from the carrier.

Best practices

Please pass a list of recent waybills (e.g. last 14 days) registered in your system (e.g. shopping mall system) to Delivery Tracker via the above API for each waybill number.

If you're hesitant to use the Delivery Tracker API because the carrier you need doesn't exist, you can use this method to periodically pass a list of required carriers to Delivery Tracker.

This means that you can request the carriers you need in this way before the Delivery Tracker API is introduced, and review the use of the API once it is in service.

We look forward to expanding your use of the Service and making it more operational and cost-effective for you.


We recommend that you create a new project in the Console, rather than using the project you use to call the Query.track API. You can isolate the impact of [Quotas such as RateLimit] (/docs/quotas) by creating a new project.