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It has been available at no cost since 2018 (V1 open source release).


Each project has a default quota, which can be changed via request-a-quota-increase.

FAQ 1: Is it available for commercial use?

It is commercially available, and the vast majority of users are using the Service for commercial purposes.

FAQ 2: How are you doing without revenue?

It's funded by interest, dividend income, and more.

FAQ 3: Is there any chance of it becoming paid in the future?

It will continue to be free, but depending on future developments, we may consider charging for it at the most reasonable price possible.

If this happens, we will announce it at least 90 days before it becomes a paid service to reduce confusion and risk to users about the policy change. Also, since the service is not aimed at monetization, we expect unlimited plans to exist at reasonable prices and promotions for existing users.

FAQ 4: Is there a separate contact channel for API inquiries and feature addition requests, etc. that I can pay to use for better operational reliability?

It's free to use for non-small users, but if you need a paid contract for customization (custom APIs, SLAs, NDAs, etc.), please contact to understand your exact requirements.


It is free of charge within the [specified license scope] (