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input RegisterTrackWebhookInput {
carrierId: ID!
trackingNumber: String!
callbackUrl: String!
expirationTime: DateTime!


RegisterTrackWebhookInput.carrierId ● ID! non-null scalar

The unique identifier of the carrier.

RegisterTrackWebhookInput.trackingNumber ● String! non-null scalar

The tracking number of the shipment.

RegisterTrackWebhookInput.callbackUrl ● String! non-null scalar

The URL to be called when there is a change in the TrackInfo.

RegisterTrackWebhookInput.expirationTime ● DateTime! non-null scalar

The expiration time of the webhook.

The webhook will be deleted after the expirationTime time. You can time extend it by calling registerTrackWebhook again before expirationTime.

If you enter the current time, the webhook will be deleted.

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registerTrackWebhook mutation