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Client Libraries (SDK)

The Delivery Tracker API is based on GraphQL Over HTTP, and you can use any of the various GraphQL client ecosystems as is.

Raw HTTP Request

By default, you can use the Delivery Tracker API directly by sending a raw HTTP request to the server, as shown in the code example below.

You can see a variety of examples in the HTTP, cURL, and Code tabs of the Request example below.

Query (GraphQL)
to see the response.

Client Libraries (SDK)

By not using raw HTTP requests and using client libraries, you can significantly reduce the amount of code you need to write via Codegen or the like.


In this document, Client refers to the user's (you) server in Server To Server communication. It is not recommended to provide API Access Tokens directly to end users.

Please refer to the following client example

You can also find a variety of GraphQL clients at and elsewhere.

Download API Schema

For the most common cases, you can easily learn how to use Delivery Tracker even if you are not familiar with GraphQL by following the basic request examples described in the various documents on the Delivery Tracker homepage.

Delivery Tracker provides a GraphQL API Schema for advanced users outside of the typical case.

For more information, see the API Schema documentation.