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Represents contact information for a sender, recipient, or tracking event.

type ContactInfo {
name: String
location: Location
allowInvalidFormat: Boolean
): String

Fields ● String scalar

The name of the contact.

ContactInfo.location ● Location object

The location of the contact.

ContactInfo.phoneNumber ● String scalar

The phone number of the contact.

It follows the E.164 format by default, but if allowInvalidFormat is true and masking areas is detected, it will be displayed as X. If allowInvalidFormat is false, null will be returned if the phone number is not in the correct format.

ContactInfo.phoneNumber.allowInvalidFormat ● Boolean scalar

If true, masking areas will be represented by X. If false and detected masking areas, field will return null.

default: true

Member Of

TrackEvent object ● TrackInfo object