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Quotas and limits

Quotas and limits

To ensure stable service operation, each project has a quota.

The current quotas for a project can be found in the project's Quotas menu in the Console.

Default Quotas

When you first create a project, it is given a default quota as shown in the table below, which can be changed by [request-a-quota-increase] (#request-a-quota-increase).

Key default quota tables
Quota NameDescriptionDefault Value
APICallsPerSecondQuotaAPI Call calls per second10
(not available in console)Monthly Unique Waybill Number Count (SOFT) 11,000
TrackWebhookConcurrentCountQuotaNumber of Track webhooks active at the same time100
CredentialsCountQuotaNumber of concurrently registered credentials2

Request a quota increase

If you need additional quotas, please request them at

There is no additional cost for quotas, and they are provided to the extent necessary and without compromising service reliability. The increased quota will remain in effect for 90 days and will be automatically extended unless otherwise noted.


You should avoid using a given quota exactly full, and we recommend using it with some wiggle room. Depending on a number of factors and quota types, you may not be blocked immediately if you go over the allowed quota range, or conversely, if you are blocked for exceeding a given quota and then return to the allowed range, it may take time for the unblocking to take effect.


  1. Number of unique waybill numbers per month (soft): The number of unique waybill numbers used in the Query.track API. The same waybill number is only counted once per month. As a soft quota, exceeding it will not result in immediate blocking as long as it does not compromise system stability.