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The v1 APIs in this topic are deprecated APIs. For new development, we recommend using the v2 API. The v1 API will be available until 2024-12-31, with a 30-day notice before the end.


API type

Courier List Lookup API

Track a shipment API


Using Access Tokens

Please refer to Authentication documentation for how to create an access token.

For the V1 API, the HTTP Response Status Code is returned as 401 if the access token has expired. You can do this by renewing your access token.


For the v1 API, regardless of what the Authentication documentation documentation says, you should check for token expiration via the Response Status Code, not the Response Body.

Using without authentication

Deprecated V1 APIs can be used without inserting an authentication header for backwards compatibility.

In this case, rate limits will be applied based on IP Address, etc.

The default Rate Limit quota applied without the authentication header will be gradually reduced, and we recommend adding the authentication header.